Several of the people involved in the inception and organization of the Gotham Open have passed on, while others have moved on, but their efforts and dedication to this yearly event continue to live on as we celebrate each successful year. From Gotham's inception in 1987, there was a founding trio of Terry Helbing, Ken Hale and Tim Contini, along with 37 other bowling participants. Today, there are numerous committee members and volunteers, all of whom help bring you one of the most successful and highly anticipated tournaments on the IGBO circuit.

Over the years there have been many individuals who, through their dedication, have volunteered to continue the original vision of holding this tournament, as well as organizing and running area leagues. Many of these pioneers devoted their time, money, expertise and efforts to make the tournament we are now participating in, and some have been recognized as recipients of the Ken Hale Award. Yet, some have gone unrecognized for the vital roles they have played in making sure the Gotham Open continues year after year: Terry Helbing, who along with Hale and Contini, was a crucial ingredient from the very beginning and sadly passed away in 1994 before receiving recognition for his efforts. Julia Peloso worked tirelessly to make the tournament truly a broad reaching event by expanding the base to include areas outside of metropolitan New York City. Bob Anderson, working with Julia and Joe DeVita, formed the Gotham Sports Association. In the late 90’s, key organizational leadership roles were assumed by Donna McGowan, Todd Denmark and Jeffrey Weinberg who for the next decade (and then some) assured the organization remained strong, far reaching and inclusive. Their leadership brought new volunteers and cultivated talents that continue to create one of Northeast Region’s largest and longest running IGBO tournaments. It is because of these people and a countless number of volunteers that the Gotham Open Tournament continues to both grow and thrive.

To contact the board, please use the Facebook group to message the committee or post questions. Click here for the link to the Facebook group. Private message Rafael Rodriguez if you need to join the group.